Why Pay A High Monthly Fee For Your Email Marketing?

Most systems charge a monthly fee based on the number of email addresses you have stored, even if you don't send anything to them.
Let Us Save You
Marketing $$$
By Only Charging You For The Emails You Actually Send!
With Better Delivery Rates and Better Open Rates!!
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Nothing will ever surpass Email Marketing as the #1 method for getting more leads, and selling to those leads. Email Marketing will always be More Profitable and More Powerful than Blogging and Social Media COMBINED!!

Are You Frustrated With Your Email Marketing Results

And Ready To Quit?

Here is what we will give you!

Improved Email Delivery

Increased Inboxing

More Opens

Better Click Througs

Fewer Restrictions On Your List

Autoresponders Monthly Fees

Autoresponders Contacts Price
Getresponse 10,000+ $165/month
Aweber 10,000+ $149/month
Mailchimp 10,000+ $80/month
Sendlane 10,000+ $89/month
Infusionsoft 10,000+ $274/month
Sendreach 10,000+ $119/month
Icontact 10,000+ $117/month
It's time for your Old  Fashioned
Autoresponder to get tossed
on the Trash Heap Of History!
Stop suffering with the "old way" of doing Email Marketing, and step into the FUTURE!
Trash your old autoresponder and Step Up to SoftMailer!

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More deliveries!

More opens!

Minimal list Import Restrictions!

Huge savings!

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We speak foreign languages
System administration is in English
La administración del sistema está en Español
L’administration système est en Français
Systémová administrácia je v Slovenčine
Системное администрирование включено на русском языке

Old fashon Autoresponder

Does not block robotic fills of your Opt-ins

Will send the Newsletter to these addresses

Will charge you monthly fees for each of them


Will include hidden captcha into Opt-in page

Will not allow robotic subscribing

Will never charge you for Scam emails








Still Beats Every Other Marketing Method

Segment and Mail Multiple Lists For Total Marketing Control!

Schedule Your Mail!

Personalize Your Mail!

Handle Your Unsubscribes!

Import and Export Lists With Minimal Restrictions!

Send Emails Using Deafault SMTP or Other Third Party Service!

Improve Deliveries!

Increase Opens!

Make More Money!

Are YOUR Emails Getting Into Your Lead's Inbox?
We can't over-exaggerate how important it is for your messages to get into their inbox.
When you land in the Inbox, you get better click through rates, higher open rates, and Make Tons More Money!
Using standard autoresponders means jumping through a whole new set of hoops!
You can never easily change providers

You have to make your list opt-in again

You pay a high fee for storing your addresses

Your messages don't always get sent when you want

Bad delivery rates mean low profits

Too many people have access to your list, even though you are paying for it

I would be very surprised if you haven't ALREADY suffered from these issues, because they happen ALL the TIME!
These are Common Problems that require a MODERN SOLUTION!
Really! It's That Simple!

Turbo CHARGE Your Email Profits In 4 EZ Steps

STEP 1 - Set up your Opt In, or import your list
STEP 2 - Prepare your winning email campaign
STEP 3 - Send your Money-Making Campaign
STEP 4 - Watch your statistics - get PROFIT!!

Get The POWER of SMTP with SoftMailer

You can use our Built In, Default SMTP for sending your campaigns.
But if you already love a different SMTP Provider,
We offer FULL compatibility with most SMTP Providers!
If you use a stand-alone SMTP Provider instead of ours,
you can send TWICE as many Emails for the same cost! More on this below.

The choice of SMTP provider can INCREASE your profits!

SMTP only cares about Delivering your Emails, and does it without holding your list ransom!
You can use any SMTP vendor, or several if you want!
If your SMTP vendor is down, switch to another one in seconds!
Send smaller blasts using the SMTP service's Free Tier!
Get 100% Extra Credit When Using an External SMTP
The Best Solution for YOU!
High Anti Spam Scoring
SoftMailer provides good SmapAssassin spam scores. A Lower Spam Score means Higher Inboxing!
Free Open and Clickthrough Rate Reports
SoftMailer provides you with free reporting that shows how many of your emails were opened, and how many times your URLs were clicked on!
Easy Unsubscribes
Simple tools allow you to unsubscribe people with a single click!
No-Worry List Cleaning
SoftMailer automatically scrubs bad addresses and bounces!
Modulate Send Rates
Adjust your sending speed easily with SoftMailer. Perfect for Hosted Servers that only allow a certain number of emails per hour!
You Choose Between Instant and Scheduled Sending
SoftMailer allows you to send your messages instantly, or allows you to schedule sending by Time Zone!
Import Your Lists Easily
SoftMailer allows you to import your email lists with minimal restrictions, so you don't have to go through the double opt in proccess multiple times! Our Easy 1 Click Import works with Aweber, Mailchimp and Gestresponse! (Importing from other sources may require some additional checking).
Add To Your Lists With Easy Opt Ins
SoftMailer provides opt in forms you can use with any blog, social media, or website. Double Opt is Not Required!
How Much Will it Cost to Send Emails
Emails sent Price Price per email
10,000 $20 0.20¢
50,000 $70 0.14¢
100,000 $120 0.12¢
200,000 $200 0.10¢
Just Say No To These Common Autoresponder Problems:

STOP! paying high monthly fees.

STOP! wasting time worrying about someone stealing your list.

STOP! making less money because you can't hit your entire list.

STOP! being limited to a single provider because you can't move your list.

STOP! suffering from crappy delivery and open rates.

STOP! paying big money for an autoresponder that doesn't meet your needs.

STOP! wasting time because you can't import your list.

End Your Suffering
By Controlling Your Email List And Your Marketing!!

START! Reaching your leads when you want with No Delayed Deliveries.

START! Saving money by sending with Free and/or Low Cost SMTP.

START! Using our EZ Opt In Forms on any blog or site with no fuss.

START! Enjoying the flexibility of using the email provider you choose.

START! Profiting more with improved delivery and higher inboxing.

START! Importing your lists with Minimal Hassles.


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DESKTOPMAILER gives you unlimited contacts and unlimited emails, right from your own PC!



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Become The Great Email Marketer
You Always Wanted To Be!
Normally you have to pay $99 yearly for the Administration Fee for SoftMailer, plus an additional $20 per 10,000 emails.

But if you buy Right Now, you get 10,000 emails for free, and only pay $89 for the Admin Fee.

You will Never, Ever, see this much value, for a price this low Ever Again!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any external SMTP service?

You can use our regularly tested and reliable SMTP, but you can also use any 3rd party service and double the number of emails you can send!

Q: Does this work on Mac or PC?

Softmailer is a cloud-based app and hence it’ll work on your Mac, PC, Tablets and even mobile phones. You can login and access your videos from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Q: What will be my payment the next year?

This is the grandfathered price. Your yearly administration fee will never be higher that shows the buy button!

Q: If I create an Opt-in page and only collect clients´ Emails, will I need to pay?

NO. Unless you send Newsletters, you can use Softmailer for free.

Q: Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely! Softmailer comes with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love Softmailer, just tell us within 30 days, and we'll refund your entire purchase price!

Q: Should I keep my old Autoresponder?

Yes, If you love it. Just transfer some of your lists you do not use very often to Softmailer, and lower your monthly payments (because you will reduce the number of contacts).

Q: How can I use Desktop mailer?

Desktopmailer is a free Bonus. You can use it for your other activities.

Q: Does your service support email sequencing after a person opt-ins into the list?

The present version supports sending an Email after subscribing. We will introduce email sequencing before end of the year.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We Want To Remove All Your Risk!! With all this Incredible, Never-Before-Seen Value, You Still Have Our Ironclad, 30-Day

100% EZ Money Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love SoftMailer, just tell us within 30 days, and we'll refund your entire purchase price!

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